100 W valve audio amplifier

100w valve amplifier scheme
This is a valve audio amplifier circuit which can provide power up to 100W, here there are only schematics and component list for the explanation you can find on the internet :).

Valve audio amplifier parts list :

R1 10 kΩ C1 0.22 µF Q1 7199 P
R2 100 kΩ C2 0.2 µF Q2 6L6GC
R3 220 kΩ C3 0.5 µF Q3 6L6GC
R4 820 kΩ C4 0.5 µF Q4 7199T
R5 15 kΩ C5 0.2 µF Q5 6SN7
R6 47 kΩ Q6 6SN7
R7 100 kΩ
R8 3.9 kΩ
R9 8 Ω
R10 820 Ω
R11 22 Ω
R12 390 Ω
R13 15 kΩ
R14 1 MΩ
R15 1 kΩ
R16 3.8 kΩ
R17 1 kΩ
R18 3.8 kΩ
R19 1 MΩ
R20 75 kΩ
R21 47 kΩ
R22 100 kΩ
R23 3.9 kΩ
R24 75 kΩ
R25 10 Ω

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