20w car audio amplifier based TDA 2004

20w car audio amplifier circuitThis 20w car audio amplifier circuit described here offers a 20 watt booster that will allow you to realize the power amplifier with which one can increase the power output from the car stereo up to 20 Watts maximum.

The input IN is connected to the output of the receiver, U output is connected to the speaker as shown on car audio amplifier scheme. It is very important to ensure that the speaker has no connection tothe chassis (ground) if not, the integrated circuit IC1, a TDA 2004 will soon be damaged. For mounting, carefully follow the implementation of the car audio amplifier scheme for the components. The power supply will keep with 12 volts.

Parts list :

All resistors are 1/4 watt unless otherwise stated.
R1 = 100 Ohms
R2 = 1.5 Kohm
R3 = 180 ohms
R4 = 470 ohms
R5 = 10hm
R6 = 10hm
Cl = 0.1 pF pol.
C2 = 1000pFceramique.
C3 = 10uF / 16Velec.
C4 = 0.1 uFpol.
C5 = 0.22 uF pol.
C6 = .22 uF pol.
C7 = .22 uF pol.
IC1 = TDA2004
A heat sink


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