240W Class D Audio Amplifier based TDA8924

Power Amplifier class D circuit

Power amplifier operates in class D power amplifier is powerful enough produces a total output power 240 W (120 W each channel). Much power is generated by a chip made ​​by Philips TDA8924.

Reference Data :

Supply voltage
: ±12V …± 30V
Supply current absence of a signal
: 100mA
Output power (max)
in stereo : 120W
in mono : 240W
: 90%

Chip also has a short-circuit proof output, thermal protection and acoustic protection from the “inrush current” when you turn on and off. The scheme provides two options turn on an amplifier – both stereo and mono on a bridge. So this could be used for amplifier subwoofer.

Power to the amplifier is connected to the following scheme :

Class D Power Amplifier Power Supply

Parts list :

Notation on the chart Value
C1, C2, C3, C4 470nF
C5, C6 330
C7, C11, C17, C20, C8, C12, C18, C22 100
C23, C24, C32, C31 15nF
C25, C26 560
C28, C27 1mkF
C30, C29, C9, C19, C15, C13, C10, C21, C14 220nF
C16 47
D1 KS156A
L1, L2 10 uH
R1, R2, R3, R4 5.6 kOhm
R9, R8 4.7
R10, R11 22
R6, R7 39kOm
R5 30kOm
DA1 TDA8924
Power supply
C1, C2 100nF
C3, C4 470uF/35V
C7, C5, C6 47uF/63V
L1, L2, L3, L4 MURATA BL01RN1A2A2B

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