15W Headphone Bridge Amplifier

15 W headphones amplifierThis receiver operates on the same principle as 40W / 2 ohm (24W / 4 ohms) bridge power amplifier. It is simple to perform and works with a single power supply of 18 V. It is based on the use of two amplifiers type TDA2002 is able alone to deliver a power of several watts.

Mounted in the bridge, the two circuits can deliver a comfortable power over 10 W effective on a HP impedance 4 ohms, with a distortion less than 1% (if we accept a larger distortion, the power can rise to 20 W).

15 W headphone bridge amplifier Parts list :
R1, R2 : 470 ohm
C1, C4 : 2,2 uF
C2 : 10 nF
C3 : 10 uF
C5 : 100 uF
C6 : 100 nF
U1 : TDA 2002

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