Max 1W / 8 Ohms Amplifier based on LM386 with Input for Guitar

guitar amplifier for beginnersThis 1 watt amp is very easy to built in very small dimensions, working with only single 9V battery, and is based on amplifier IC type LM386, its capable to deliver a power for some hundreds milliwatts to 8 ohms load, while consuming only a few mA at rest.

Associated with a small FET input stage, this amplifier is ideal for beginners to make some small electric guitar amplifier. Don’t think you will get results similar to those offered by the amps of a certain class, but for someone who starts in the DIY, and choosing a good size of speaker driver, it’s a nice little montage.

Possible simplification :

  • A component that you can try to remove: R4 + R5 + C7 C5, C6. And finally, you can also try to remove R6 and C8, while not forgetting to replace R6 with a strap (for short circuit, if you prefer), just to see what happens when at maximum volume.
  • The number of components in the preamp section can be reduced … a different preamp and easier. Maybe you’ve seen a small preamp with two resistors and a FET type PN4221: it is very difficult to get any easier, but these transistors is outdated. You can experiment with other types of general FETs.

PCB Layout

guitar amplifier

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