315 Watt Class D Power Amplifier

315 w class D amplifierThis audio amplifier based  TAS5261 (bridge digital amplifier) has output power of 315 watts per channel and an efficiency up to 96% is suitable for use in a variety of Sound applications, such as home theater systems.

Reducing the cost and availability of high-bit ADC and digital signal processors have contributed to the emergence of high power amplifiers, D-class, based on pulse-width modulation. Work output transistor stages in a key mode of such amplifiers allows a few, sometimes dozens of times to increase efficiency, thereby reducing heat generation amplifier, its size and cost. Among all the audio amplifier device class D are the most cost-effective, thanks to the use of digital signal processing. It eliminates the possibility of distortion and noise in the pre-amplifier paths, streamlines and simplifies all kinds of linear and nonlinear signal conversion without using mechanical adjustment components, extends the functionality.

Frequency response, Hz 10 … 40 000
Power Output 235 (RLoad = 4 ohms, THD <0.15%) 
315 (RLoad = 4 ohms, THD <10%) 
125 (RLoad = 8 ohms, THD <0.09%) 
220 (RLoad = 6 ohms, THD <10 %)
Load resistance, Ohm 4 … 16
The range of volume, dB -100 … 17
Nominal input voltage, V 1
Sampling frequency input signal, kHz 96
S / N ratio, dB -99
Total harmonic distortion + noise, dB -93
Current consumption in standby mode, not more than, mA 10
Nominal input voltage, V 1
Power supply circuit “+50” in + (50)
Power supply circuit “+12” stabilized, 12

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