1.4W Stereo Power Amplifier Circuit based TDA8552

Stereo Amplifier TDA8552A few more words on the chip. This is a bridge amplifier class AB integrated into the protection against overheating, short circuit protected outputs, suppression of inrush current when you turn on and off the amplifier. The only difference – a little more power output – 1.4 watts per channel. But nevertheless, it also does not require a heat sink and can be used anywhere.

On this chip there is a difference in the headphone sense pin pin number 4. This will detect when a headphone jack inserted into the connector. For more information see the datasheet here.

Parts list :

Components Value
C1 0.33
C2 0.33
C3 0.1
C4 0.1
C5 220uF/10V
C6 220uF/10V
C7 220uF/10V
C8 220uF/10V
C9 0.1
R1 2.2 k
R2 2.2 k
R3 1K
R4 1K
DA1 TDA8552

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