Single Channel Headphone Amplifier

Single channel headphone amplifierHeadphone amplifier circuit was built by IC DA1 – KR1436UN1 (DIP8). This IC operated on a wide range of voltage between +2V-16V. With small current required, it can be powered by batteries. THD – 0.5%. Freq Frequency 20-20000Hz. Limiting long-term power output – 250mW 16 Ohm load and voltage 6V.

Parts list :
R1 : 3K
R2 : 75K
R3 : 10K
C1 : 0.1uF
C2 : 1uF/10V
C3 : 4.7uF/10V
C4 : 100uF/10V
DA1 : KR1436UN1

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