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MOSFET Power Amplifier 5200W IRFP250

This is the circuit design of Mosfet power amplifier 5200W RMS, the schematic is for single channel. The circuit uses 16x IRFP250 to gain 5200W RMS power output at 2 ohms load.

To feed this circuit , you will need 150 volts dual polarity (symmetrical) power supply of course with very high DC current.

If you want to build this amplifier circuit, you should be careful and try to find some reference about this kind of circuit since it uses high DC voltage and high DC curent and of course expensive loudspeaker. I haven’t build this circuit yet, try this circuit with your own risk.

Amplifier Circuit :

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  • Buenos dias...really 5200 watt function?e lo schema dell alimentacion?gracias por favor..my numero por watt sapp +393248670369

  • A query this project amplifier been tested. You made this assembly. Or they have information that is functional the project.

  • Salve ho provato questo progetto di farlo e facile ho alimentato 12vdc funziona ma si scaldano tanto i due resistenze da 100 ohms e puoi ho dovuto sostituire con 10k non si scalda pee è diminuito il Signo output devo provare alimentare con 45vdc. Però strano con 12vdc che mi scaldata tantissimo 100 ohm 😠mi potete dire qualè lo sbaglio mio grazie