Mini Audio Amplifier using IC AN7115

mini audio amplifier AN7115 circuit

This is the mini audio amplifier circuit which built using power IC AN7115 as the main part. Tipically, with 9VDC supply and 4Ω loudspeaker, this amplifier will deliver about 2.1W. When the supply voltage (Vcc) is 9.0VDC , THD = 10% , RL = 8Ω, the output power of AN7114 can be up to 1.4W, the noise output is 3mV.

Limiting parameters: Vcc = 13V, power dissipation (without heat sink ) is 1.2W and 2.25W with radiator. Operating temperature: -20 to 70 ℃. It is suitable for small audio video application such mp3 player, mp4 player, ipods, smart phone, tablets, etc.

The following image is the PCB design layout for above circuit:

mini audio amplifier AN7115 pcb layout

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