High quality 10W Audio Amplifier

Hi Fi audio amplifierThe main components of this high quality 10W stereo power amplifier circuit is uses TDA 2009 which is a class AB Audio Power Amplifier. IC TDA 2009 is specifically designed for high quality stereo applications such as HI-FI and music center.

As you can see on the circuit, this class AB amplifier IC requires only a few external components. And this 10 W audio amplifier circuit is also very easy to build. This 10W stereo amplifier circuit requires a stable power supply with a voltage of 18 V and 1A current needs.

High quality 10W Audio Amplifier parts list :

R1 1.3 kΩ C1 2.2 µF 35V IC1 TDA2009
R2 18 Ω C2 2.2 µF 35V
R3 1.3 kΩ C3 100 µF 35V
R4 18 Ω C4 100 nF ceramic
R5 1 Ω 3 W C5 22 µF 35V
R6 1 Ω 3W C6 220 µF 35V
C7 220 µF 35V
C8 100 nF
C9 100 nF
C10 2.2 µF 35V
C11 2.2 µF 35V

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