Dual Channel Headphone Amplifier

Dual Channel Headphone AmplifierHere is a the circuit dual-channel headphone amplifier. The circuit is built with ic DA1 – KR1054UN1, KF1054UN1, AN7050, TDA7050T (SO8 all), TDA7050 (DIP8), which is more expensive than the previous the circuit single-channel headphone amplifier. All devices operate at supply voltage range 1.6-6V. Current, as well as in the single-channel headphone amplifier was not great. THD – 0.1%. Frequency 20-20000Hz. Limiting long-term power output at 32 ohms.

KR1436UN1, KR1064UN2, KR1054UN1, KF1054UN1 – most Likely of “Angstrom” 34 119 – Motorola, AN7050 – Matsushita, TDA7050T, TDA7050 – Philips.

Parts list :
C1, C2 : 47uF/ 6V
C3 : 100uF/ 6V

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