Car Amplifier Circuit 2x40W based TDA8560Q

Car audio amplifier 40wIC TDA8560, being a complete analogue of the well-known chip TDA1557Q, in fact – its a whole new amp. This car amplifier circuit gives an output power 40 watts per channel at 2 ohm load, and 22 Watts on 4 ohms load. Perhaps you are wondering how to get 40 watts of power? And answer is : you can find 2 ohm speakers (if any), or you can connect an amplifier with a pair of 4 ohm speakers in parallel in order to get 2 ohm load

It is obvious that this feature is the ability TDA8560-operate on two pairs of 4 * Ohm speaker can announce one-chip whole interior of the car – a pair of speakers in the doors, a couple on the back of a shelf – and all this with the total capacity – 80 W!

parts list :
DA1 – TDA8560
C1 = C2 = 0,22 mF (0, l, 0,15 mF)
C3 = 470 mF (mF 1 … 1000 U> 16V)
R1 = R2 = 10 k (5,6 12k)arts list


1) The signal at the input of the car amplifier can be fed to the line-out (if any) or take the signal from input amplifier own radio (after volume control) can also remove the signal from the output resistors on the columns drawn in the diagram the dotted line (R *) is desirable to put in a chip with high-gain), their face value should be 20 … 50 ohms if the input signal amplitude of about ~ 250 mV (standard output) and 100 200 ohms, if the signal is removed from the output to the speakers

2) The Car Amplifier 2x40W at TDA 8560 Q must be installed on the heatsink (not less than 200 cm2)

3) To maintain a dynamic power amplifier is helpful to include parallel power supply (+12 to earth) high-capacity electrolytic capacitor 4700 … 10000 mF x16V then the power will not squander the passage of the peaks of maximum power is strictly prohibited to alter food + and close to the exits to +12 V to ground and to each other in any order

If you connect the amplifier to the woofer, it is recommended to use low-pass, or entrance, or exit (preferably at the entrance) software includes:

Low Pass FilterScheme pass filter for Car Amplifier 2x40W at TDA 8560 Q

If the input signal = 200 250 mV, then R * is not put, if the input signal = 3 … 4 V (output for speakers)

then R * is placed and is 100 … 300 Ohm Such a filter has the following parameters cutoff frequency 50Hz, recession – 18 dB / octave

In the case of an car amplifier in the home power supply should have the recommended settings, the transformer with overall capacity of 80 100 W, the secondary winding – for a current to 4 A (Rl = 4 Ohm) or 7.5 A (Rl = 2 ohms) * C – the more the better (ideally 47 000 mF)

Power supply

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