40W / 2 ohm (24W / 4 ohms) Bridge Power Amplifier (Cheaper Version)

40 w bridge amplifier simplifiedIt is possible to simplify the assembly to have a cheaper version of 40W / 2 ohm (24W / 4 ohms) bridge power amplifier, as shown in the above diagram. Small refinements that ensure the reliability in the previous assembly had disappeared, but that does not mean that this simplified installation will not work correctly.

Note on the capacitor C8 : there are patterns in which the capacitor is present, the other where it does not appear.

Parts list :
R1 : 620 ohm
C1 : 1 uF
C2 : 10 uF
C3 : 100 nF
C4 : 100 uF
C5, C5' : 100 nF
C6 : 1uF
C7 : 100 nF
C8 : 1 nF
U1 : TDA 2003

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