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350 Studio Amplifier Circuit Scheme and PCB Layout

Above scheme is the circuit diagram of 350 studio amplifier uses 4 pairs of transistor MJL21193 and MJL21194 as the main components for this circuit. This circuit requires symmetrical power supply to work.

The scheme and PCB layout provided here is for single channel (mono) application, build two similar circuit for stereo application.

You may download the detailed tutorial about how to build this circuit (with pictures). The link provided at the end of this post.

350 Studio Amplifier PCB Design Layout:

350 Studio Amplifier Top PCB – Components placement:

Download tutorial with pictures:
» Download Here

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  • Nice site I like 800watts amplifier circuits but the circuits not clear and no pcb pls sent to me pls sir

  • Having built the studio 350w amplifier back in 2010 plus adding a few mods to the circuit.

    It sounds great with plenty of clean power and work's on a wide range of voltages