150W Car Audio Amplifier

This is the circuit design of 150W car audio amplifier. The circuit is divided in two block diagrams: The tone control circuit and power amplifier circuit.

Tone Control for 150W Car Audio Amplifier

The tone control circuit build based on IC LF353 In stereo mode, we shall have the action of eight loudspeakers which are going to create a very important sound pressure.

Tone Control Scheme

Tone Control Circuit for Car Amplifier

Tone Control PCB Design

Tone Control PCB Design for Car Amplifier

150W Car Power Amplifier

The power amplifier is built based single LA47536 power IC for each channel. For stereo channel you need two similar circuit for each modul (tone control and power amplifier)

The LA47536 is a 4-channel BTL power amplifier IC developed for use in car audio systems. The output stage features

  • A pure complimentary structure that uses V-PNP transistors on the high side and NPN transistors on the low side to provide high power and superb audio quality.
  • The LA47536 includes almost all the functions required for car audio use, including a standby switch, a muting function, and each protection circuit. It also provides a self-diagnosis function (output offset detection).

Power Amplifier Scheme

150W Car Audio Amplifier Circuit

Power Amplifier PCB Design

150W Car Audio Amplifier PCB Design

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