10W Amplifier for portable cd players

10W portable cd player amplifierThis 10W Amplifier is ideal to drive medium size speakers and use it for a portable CD player or mp3 player. With only one active component of TDA2003 integrated circuit and a single supply source of 8 to 18 volts, this amplifier circuit can provide up to 10W of power to the load which can be between 2 and 8 ohm.

Clearly an integrated circuit, TDA2003, must be mounted with the proper heat sink to prevent damage to internal components from overheating.

At full power the circuit requires 2A to work properly.

10W power can be obtained optimally with 12V 2A and 4 ohm loads. These input must be at least 1Vpp to achieve this performance.

10W Amplifier Parts list :
Resistors :
100K variable
47 ohm
220 ohm
2.2 ohm
1 ohm
Capacitors :
100nF (2)
IC : TDA 2003

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