1000W Stereo Audio Amplifier with Transistors 2SC5200 and 2SA1943

1000W Stereo Audio Amplifier with Transistor 2SC5200 2SA1943

This is the circuit design of 1000W stereo audio amplifier. It is a very good design to assemble, easy to build from your board to the acquisition of components, the output transistors are the COMPLEMENTAR 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 relatively cheap and with very good result. In the power supply module we have 6 capacitors 4700uF/80v or more and one 50A bridge rectifier diode, this design can be in versions mono (500 Watts) or stereo (1000 Watts), if it is to mount it in the stereo version it is good to use a transformer of at least 8 Amperes and the voltage in both versions has to be 50v + 50v with central bypass, this transformer can be toroidal or ordinary.

Stereo Audio Amplifier Part Lists


10 Transistors 2SC5200
10 Transistors 2SA1943
4 Transistors C2073
4 Transistors A940


20 Resistors of 2.2 ohms 1/2W
20 Resistors of 0.33 ohms 5W
4 Resistors of 10 ohms 1W
4 Resistors of 100 ohms 1W
4 Resistors of 5.6K 1W
10 Resistors of 100 ohms 1/4W
4 Resistors of 330 ohms 1/4W
4 Resistors of 1K 1/4W
4 Resistors of 18K 1/4W
2 Resistors of 33K 1/4W
2 Resistors of 56K 1/4W


6 Capacitors of 4700uF/80V or more
6 Capacitors of 100uF/50V
2 Capacitors of 1uF/50V
2 Capacitors of 100pF ceramic
2 Capacitors of 15pF ceramic
4 Capacitors of 330pF ceramic
4 Capacitors of 680pF ceramic
4 Capacitors of 220 pF to ceramic
2 Capacitors of 0.1uF (104) / 250V polyester
5 Capacitors of 0.1uF (104) / 100V polyester


2 Integrated Circuits TL071 or UA741
4 15-volt to 1W zener diodes
4 Diodes 1N4007
1 Diode bridge of 35 amps or more. Best if it is 50 Amp
2 Small 2-pin GP connectors
2 large 3-pin Molex connectors
2 large 6-pin Molex connectors
1 50vx50v transformer, or up to 55x55V AC with current 15 amps minimum (stereo version)
2 Sockets for 8-pin integrated
4 sinks of 22 x 10 x 2.5 centimeters
24 mica insulation

1000W Stereo Audio Amplifier PCB Design

1000W Audio Amplifier PCB Layout

Bottom PCB Layout

1000W Audio Amplifier Component Placement

Component Placement

Power Supply for 1000W Stereo Audio Amplifier

Power Supply PCB Layout for 1000W Audio Amplifier

Power Supply Top Design for 1000W Audio Amplifier

1000W Stereo Audio Amplifier Stereo Channel Connection

Stereo 1000W Audio Amplifier Connection

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  1. author

    Donald Mubipe1 year agoReply

    Please send me the circuit. Looks interesting.

    • author

      rene12 months agoReply

      hi the amplifier 1000W Stereo Audio Amplifier with Transistors 2SC5200 and 2SA1943″ it is working fine

  2. author

    rene12 months agoReply

    hi you can send me .pcb layout component placement and schematic diagram for 2000watts amplifier

  3. author

    eric11 months agoReply

    Hello, can I use jrc4558 in place of 741?

  4. author

    YOGESH M M6 months agoReply

    Is this design working fine?\\

  5. author

    Kunle6 months agoReply

    Can I replace 2SC5200 and 2SA1943 with
    2SC3858 and 2SA1494 in order to get 1000w per channel. If yes, what would I have to change in this circuit. And what’s the input sensitivity of this circuit, at what db level would I get maximum output. Thanks

  6. author

    deva5 months agoReply

    Hello, can I use jrc4558 in place of

  7. author

    faridul4 months agoReply

    Hello,, can i use 2n3773 alternate 2sc5200 in place ?????

  8. author

    jolly4 months agoReply

    This amplifier circuit is working fine.
    my test results
    1, voltage-60+60 dc
    2, input voltage – 1.2 v rms sine wave
    3, amplifier giving output- 294 watts rms@8 ohms load
    4 , dc current 2.65 ampere.

    Friends this is not a 1000 watts amplifier.this amp give only approximate 350 watts rms @ 8 ohms load.

    change R3,R4 2W,D1,D2-1W

    • author

      OrlySat3 months agoReply

      Note this is 1000W ‘Stereo’ Audio Amplifier @ 4 ohms load, stereo means that there 2 identical power amplifier board circuit ( 500W + 500 W). Sir can you make a test at 4 0hms load? Thank you

  9. author

    jolly3 months agoReply

    how can reduce humming?

  10. author

    Surya prakash2 months agoReply

    What is no of 8 pole ic.

  11. author

    Vishnu s nair2 months agoReply

    Can u pleas sent pcb layout nd circuit diagram t0 vishnuvardana007@gmail.com

  12. author

    Paul Pabillon2 months agoReply


    Can We use 40-0-40 Volts for this Amp? It is very difficult to find 50-0-50 Volts.

    Thank You,

  13. author

    ARNAB DAS2 months agoReply

    Sound quality of this circuit???

  14. author

    Haridas Mondal2 months agoReply

    I need a image of this board, after all parts solder. Please send a complete board image.

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