10 W Audio Amplifier based TDA 2003

With only one active integrated circuit TDA 2003 as component this circuit can provide up to 10W of audio power to the load which can be between 2 and 8 ohm.

10W audio ampliferAs usual integrated circuit TDA2003, should be placed with which appropriate heat sink to prevent damage to internal components on the temperature of the IC.

10 W audio amplifier circuit requires a current to voltage V max 18VDC 2A to work correctly.

The low power audio amplifier is obtained at the optimal point of the work load of 4 Ω. These entries must be at least 1Vpp to achieve this performance.

10 W Audio Amplifier parts list :

R1 : 100 k potentiometer
R2 : 47 Ω
R3 : 220 Ω
R4 : 2.2 Ω
R5 : 1 Ω
C1 : 2.2 uF
C2 : 470 uF
C4 : 100 nF
C5 : 1000 uF
C6 : 100 nF
C3 : 47 nF
IC1 : TDA2003
4 Ω speaker SPK

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